Hail Damage Repairs South Melbourne

If you need hail damage repairs service, we can help you. Call us today 03 9699 6033 for a quote.

South Melbourne Panel Beaters is an accredited Hail Damage Repairs for major Insurance Firms which in turn is the reason our repair procedure is first rate for premium quality.

Automobiles arriving in our work area will have an estimate organized thereafter will undoubtedly be inspected by an insurance provider wherever needed.

Whenever the automobile arrives it will be stripped right down to begin the process of the restoration method. We certainly have expert panel-beaters and also welders with practical experience on just about all main prestige automobile makes.

The reconditioned or replacement panels are prepped and also primed just before final finish in our top of the line paint booth.

All Automobiles are cleaned inside and out and high quality Hail Damage Repairs control looked at before getting made available returning to the client.

All vehicle repairs are provided with an extensive 100% Golden Guarantee.

Motor vehicles coming without earlier evaluation are estimated and also allowed in liaison with insurance company/bill payer.

The motor vehicle is brought in and also stripped to confirm accurateness of estimate and also commence the repair procedure through the repair shop. Parts list is verified at this stage. Motor vehicles are fitted up after painting.

The parts needed are purchased and also verified for precision on arrival ready for your Hail Damage Repairs service.

A Replacement vehicle maybe used at this time to help you keep your life moving in the right direction.

If the motor vehicle requires panel-beating , welding or even repairs to panels or chassis on a floor puller or jig. Panel alignment is examined at this stage.

The reconditioned or replacement panels are prepped and also primed prior to final finish.

Spraying of very last surface Color paintwork to cars and panels including customized finishing.

Cars are scrubbed inside and also out and quality Hail Damage Repairs control checked before make available back to you.

The majority of our happypatrons write Google reviews relating to their experience with us.

We offer an absolutely outfitted Accident Repair shop with first class crash repair equipment.

We are able to manage all kinds of smash work, Hail Damage Repairs or even spray painting from small touch up and also scuff marks to significant collision repairs and also structure possible damage.

If you are the innocent party in any sort of accident , make South Melbourne Smash Repairs your most crucial call for all your Hail Damage Repairs needs.

We will put in plain words the whole thing to you over the telephone or any time you come to our garage. Are you aware that virtually 75% of people are not aware of that there is a replacement service should they have a vehicle accident which is not their fault.

They don’t be required to go through their own individual insurance but may come straight to us instead, saving your money and hassle.

So if you need the best Hail Damage Repairs now then please talk to Gary 03 9699 6033.